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UX Case Study


Australian Style is an online store featuring Australian fashion designers, this site was designed after conducting user research and competitor analysis of similar sites.

Using the information gathered a stylish and simplistic look was utilised. Large imagery was used all the way through to help complete the purchase as it holds onto the consumers attention which is a major issue in the purchasing phase on e-commerce sites. The use of hover effects on images creates an ease for the user for viewing items. A simple navigation was created so the user knew exactly what was behind each menu making it more functional and endured multiple testings that proved successful.

This report outlines the user testing and prototype changes which have been implemented. The two personas used in the initial testing were incorporated again in final prototype, testing ensuring all user needs were addressed and changes were made to full fill both personas.

Hi-fidelity wireframes were produced. Following feedback from the client adjustments were made to these wireframes.

Usability testing was conducted using the two personas identified in earlier research. Following the findings and recommendations further adjustments were made on the hi-fidelity wireframes.